Yeh Rishta's Akshu would like to live in such a family after marriage

Pranali Rathod Is Seen In The Role Of A Cultured Daughter-In-Law In Yeh Rishta

Akshu Is Part Of A Joint Family In The Show And Lives In A Joint Family Even After Marriage.

In Such A Situation, When The System Was Asked Whether She Would Like To Live In A Joint Family Or In A Nuclear Family After Marriage.

Pranali Said That She Has Always Been In A Nuclear Family.

Pranali Said That She Used To Go On Vacation, So She Also Felt That Such A Family Is Needed.

Pranali Said That When She Goes To Her Home Town, Her Uncles And Cousins ​​Meet Her There.

The System Takes A Lot Of Heart In Such A Big Family

The System Says Whether The Family Is Nuclear Or Joint, It Will Not Matter.