The beauty of these Indian queens were discussed all over the world

The Beauty Of Kannauj'S Princess Samyukta Was Talked About All Over The World, So Prithviraj Gave Heart

Rani Padmini, The Wife Of King Ratan Singh Of Chittor, Was Considered To Be An Apsara, For Her Prestige, The Queen Had Committed Jauhar In The Fire.

The Bravery And Beauty Of Jhansi'S Queen Lakshmi Baimanikarnika Had Shocked Even The British At That Time.

London-Born Maharani Gayatri Devi Of Jaipur Was Very Beautiful, People Were Desperate To Get A Glimpse Of Her.

The Beauty Of Akbar'S Daughter And Emperor Begum Noorjahan Reached Iran And Her Marriage Was Solemnized There.

Razia Sultana, The First Woman To Rule Delhi, Became A Powerful Ruler Along With Being Beautiful.

Born In Madras, Maharani Sita Devi Of Baroda Raj Gharana Was Famous For Her Beauty, Fashion And Royal Style.

Born In The House Of Chandal Samrat, Durgavati Was Not Only Beautiful But Also Played The Role Of A Strong Female Warrior After The Death Of Her Husband.

Rani Vijaya Devi, Born In The Wadiyar Gharana, Was In Limelight For Her Graceful Qualities And Interest In Music.