Holi 2023

By Rakhi Published March 01 2023 Live Faith Holi 2023: ये लोग ना देखें होलिका दहन! Pic Credit: Shutterstock

Colorful Holi Is Celebrated With Great Pomp In India. This Year Holi Will Be Celebrated On 8 March 2023. Holi Pic Credit Shutterstock

Every Year Holika Dahan Is Done A Day Before The Full Moon Of Phalgun Month I.E. Holi With Colors. This Year Holika Dahan Will Be Done On March 7. Holika Dahan Pic Credit Shutterstock

According To Hindu Beliefs, Some People Should Not See Holika Dahan. Know Who Those People Are. Who Don'T Watch Holika Dahan Pic Credit Shutterstock

The Girls Who Have Got Newly Married Should Not See Holika Dahan Or Worship It. New Bride

According To Sanatan Tradition, Those Who Have Only Child Should Not Worship Holika Dahan And Should Not See Holika Dahan. Parents Of An Only Child

According To Beliefs, Newborn Babies Should Not Be Taken To The Place Of Holika Dahan. Newborn Baby

According To Hindu Beliefs, Mother-In-Law Should Not Watch Holika Dahan Together. Doing This Can Cause Differences In The Relationship Between The Two. Saasbahu Pic Credit Shutterstock

This Information Is Based Only On Beliefs, Scriptures And Various Mediums. Consult An Expert Before Believing Any Information. Note

Holi 2023 6Th Or 7Th March When Is Holika Dahan Auspicious Time Click Here