होली से पहले घर लाएं ये वस्तुएं!

By Rakhi Published March 01 2023 Live Faith होली से पहले घर लाएं ये वस्तुएं! Pic Credit: Shutterstock

Holi Pic Credit Shutterstock Holi, The Festival Of Colors Is Celebrated With Great Pomp And Gaiety In India.

In The Year 2023, Holika Dahan I.E. Chhoti Holi Will Be Celebrated On March 7 And Holi With Colors Will Be Celebrated On March 8. When Is Holi

It Is Believed That Keeping Certain Things At Home Brings Prosperity And Happiness In The House. You Can Bring These Items Home Before Holi. Know What These Things Are. Bring These Things Home Pic Credit Shutterstock

Crystal Tortoise Is Considered Very Auspicious For Economic Growth. You Can Bring It Home Before Holi. Turtle Pic Credit Shutterstock

Before Holi, Hang Vandanwar Or Toran At The Entrance Of The House. Vastu Defects Will End. Negative Energy Will Stay Away. Vandanwar Pic Credit Shutterstock

Keeping Bamboo Plant At Home Removes Negative Energy. You Can Bring Bamboo Plant At Home Before Holi. Bamboo Plant

It Is Auspicious To Put A Picture Of Swastik At The Entrance. It Is Believed That Applying It At Home Ends Money And Health Related Problems. You Can Bring The Picture Of Swastik Home Before Holi. Swastika

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Holi 2023 6Th Or 7Th March When Is Holika Dahan Auspicious Time Click Here