Ac हो गया गंदा, मिनटों में ऐसे करें साफ

By Deepali Srivastava Published March 01 2023 Live Lifestyle Ac हो गया गंदा मिनटों में ऐसे करें साफ

The Summer Season Is About To Wreak Havoc Soon. In Such A Situation, People Get Involved In Cleaning The Fan Cooler And Ac. In Which The Most Difficult Thing Is To Clean The Ac. Ac Cleaning

Often People Call The Servicing People To Clean The Ac. Getting It Done Costs A Lot Out Of Pocket. But Do You Know You Can Do Cleaning Sitting At Home. Cost Of Servicing

If Your Ac Has Also Become Dirty And You Have To Clean It, Then Do Not Worry. We Are Going To Tell Some Cleaning Tips, With The Help Of Which You Can Clean The Ac. Cleaning Tips

Before Cleaning Both The Window Ac Or Split, Remove The Dust Accumulated Above. Clean Outdoor Ac Dust With Vacuum Cleaner And Split Key Cloth. Remove Dust Pic Credit Shutterstock

Outdoor Ac Has A Mesh In Which Mesh Dirt Or Dust Gets Accumulated. Clean It By Adding Water. Clean Mesh Pic Credit Shutterstock

Clean With An Ac Brush To Remove Accumulated Dirt. This Will Clear The Dirt Quickly. Brush Cleaning

If There Is Rust In Any Part Inside The Ac, Then Dissolve The Baking Soda In Water And Clean The Rust. Baking Soda

Yellowing Comes With Dirt On Ac. Use Bleach To Remove It. Clean By Mixing 1 Teaspoon Of Bleach In A Cup Of Water. Remove Yellowness With Bleach Pic Credit Shutterstock

After Cleaning The Ac, Wipe It Thoroughly With A Dry Cloth. Turn On The Ac Only After It Is Completely Dry. Wipe With Cloth Pic Credit Shutterstock

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